Brotherly Home Restoration can provide you with many painting services whether it is interior or exterior, we have a painter for that.

Some of the interior services our painter can provide you with:

  • Interior Painting
    • A freshly painted room can bring life back into your home! Brotherly Home Restoration can provide you with a single day painter, whole room painter, or whole home painter. No matter your needs for interior painting, we can help!
  • Cabinets
    • If you are in need of a painter to stain, finish, or just paint the cabinets a color we can transform your old looking cabinets into new ones.
  • Texture Work
    • Brotherly Home Restoration can provide you with spray on texture or crow’s foot texture work for your home.
  • Paneling
    • Stain, color, and finish are all important factors when deciding the look you are going for in your home by choosing paneling. We will help you with the whole process!
  • Exterior Painting
    • The outside of your home is what more people see than anything inside your home. That is why it is so important to have a look you want to show your friends and family
  • Fence Staining
    • A fence can change the whole environment of your backyard. That is why our painter will give you a quality stain to ensure the beauty of your backyard!
  • Deck and Arbor Staining
    • Fresh new decks and arbors can be pricy, but if you just need a painter to come in and stain them you will be amazed at the brand new look they will have.
  • Wrought Iron Painting
    • Wrought iron fences are a great option for long lasting fences with great durability. After some years are pass the fence may start to look work. Luckily we have a someone who can make it look brand new again!
  • Brick Painting
    • For those of you who want a long lasting impression for the outside of your home should consider redoing the color of your bricks!

Our company is sure to do awesome work at an awesome price! Call today for quality service at (469) 865-8483!