Need your cabinets installed or repaired? Lucky for you, we have a great handy man for that!

If you ever walk into your home and have an eye soar for your cabinets then you can feel discouraged. A lot of homes still have their original cabinets in the home and you may be searching for something new. Brotherly Home Restoration can provide you with a professional cabinet install for your kitchen or bathroom. No matter what your budget may be, there are several options we can provide you for your cabinet install to give them their next breath of life!

What can make your cabinets feel brand new:

  • New paint or stain
    • A different color that may fit your décor better can give your cabinets a whole new perspective. Whether you are seeking a new color or a different stain our handyman can get the job done right!
  • New countertops
    • If your cabinets are still in great working condition then you may just be searching for a different countertop. Brotherly Home Restoration can provide you with several different options to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look.

A whole new cabinet install brings the room to life

  • If you’re feeling wild and craving something totally changed about the look of your room then we can just do a whole new cabinet install! This will allow you the flexibility to have a whole new design that you choose!

Now, with all that being said if you do not want a new cabinet install, but need your cabinets fixed we can get our handyman out there for that too! Maybe a hinge has come undone or the cabinets have warped at the bottom. Options are our expertise and we can either fix or replace your cabinets depending on our customer’s wants and budget!

Brotherly Home Restoration is here to assist you with every home need you may have no matter how big or how small the job! Loyalty & integrity are what we do best! Call today at (469) 865-8483 for your new cabinet install!