Here at Brotherly Home Restoration we focus on 3 main things:

  1. Honest Work
  2. Hard Word
  3. And A Job Well Done!

When we come into your home to perform services we come in with respect and treat you like we would want to be treated. Any handy work that you may not know how to do or maybe just do not even have the time to do yourself we will be able to help you with. Your home is important to you and it is important to us too! It is most likely your biggest investment, so we are here to make your home feel like home again! Comfort is our specialty!

Some of the many services we can provide you with are:

  • Painting
    • Have you ever walked into a freshly painted room and thought to yourself “WOW! This feels like a whole new place!” Painting can make a world of a difference in your home.
  • Dry wall
    • Did your two boys put a hole in the wall from wrestling again? We can help with that!
  • Tiling
    • Is your tile cracking in your bathroom? Have no fear, we are here!
  • Flooring
    • Tiles, laminate, and wood floors are all possible here!
  • Cabinets
    • Do your cabinets need upgrading? No problem, we have you covered.
  • Fencing
    • Has storms knocked over your fence or maybe the weather has just got it beat down? We understand and have awesome options to have a stable, long lasting fence.
  • Decking
    • New decks can give your outdoor area a whole new feel when you walk outdoors!
  • Lawn care
    • Anything from mowing, weed eating, pesticide treatments, or landscaping we can provide you.
  • Basic home organization
    • For those who know me, know that I believe organization is key to a simple home life and I will turn your garage, closet, or attic into a stress free area!

No matter the task at hand, we will work through it together so that I can figure out your needs, access the problem, and dive into a solution! Call today at (469) 865-8483!